Meet our Wildwood Quest Guides

    Jennifer DeMoss...Bardic Guild

    Improv theater, storytelling, music, mischief and mayhem.

    Jen DeMoss, here! I live a hop skip and a jump away from School of the Greenwood and am writing my anthropology dissertation on human-nature relationships within nature connection education, particularly within an organization in northern Michigan. Working at Greenwood is pretty much like my fieldwork, which suits me well. I love being outside, munching on wild plants, working with my hands, making herbal medicines, and swimming more than just about anything. I have worked in outdoor education with children's groups since 2012. Working with kids makes me feel young again, especially after long hours in front of the computer trying to sound very smart. I really enjoy the otherwordly quality of School of the Greenwood--the scenarios and challenges have the power to pull kids into nature, and I love helping to create immersive storylines for dramatic play.

    If I could be any kind of magical creature it would be a hippogriff, because no one in their right mind messes with a hippogriff.

    *Jen has taught and studied with nature-based organizations all across the country for years and brings a wealth of knowledge, diverse experience and exuberance to our programs.

    Robert Jarrell...Warrior Guild

    Campcraft and wilderness skills.

    Hootie Hoot. I'm Robert Jarrell. Born and raised in the forests of Atlanta but currently hiding out on the Flint River in SW Ga. I have an undergraduate degree in Art Education from good ol'UGA and a masters degree in Sculpture from Tulane. I have taught both art and wilderness skills in many places stretching from Florida to Ontario with lots of stops in between. I worked with little kids and forest urchins at Keewaydin Camp in Temagami Ontario and Frog Hollow Camp/Haverty Hollow learning center in Atlanta Ga. I continue to teach at several Earthskill events such as Rivercane Rendezvous, Rabbit Stick and Firefly Gathering.

    If I could be a talking Loon my life would be complete. Wuh wuh wuh huh wooooooo...

    *Robert is an accomplished artist and Earthskills instructor. We are so honored to have him joining our crew this year!

    Jay Reddish...Artist Guild

    Forest exploration through creative arts with wildcrafted and recycled art materials.