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    Meet our Wildwood Quest Guides

    Jennifer DeMoss...Bardic Guild

    Improv theater, storytelling, music, mischief and mayhem.

    Jen DeMoss, here! I live a hop skip and a jump away from School of the Greenwood and am writing my anthropology dissertation on human-nature relationships within nature connection education, particularly within an organization in northern Michigan. Working at Greenwood is pretty much like my fieldwork, which suits me well. I love being outside, munching on wild plants, working with my hands, making herbal medicines, and swimming more than just about anything. I have worked in outdoor education with children's groups since 2012. Working with kids makes me feel young again, especially after long hours in front of the computer trying to sound very smart. I really enjoy the otherwordly quality of School of the Greenwood--the scenarios and challenges have the power to pull kids into nature, and I love helping to create immersive storylines for dramatic play.

    If I could be any kind of magical creature it would be a hippogriff, because no one in their right mind messes with a hippogriff.

    *Jen has taught and studied with nature-based organizations all across the country for years and brings a wealth of knowledge, diverse experience and exuberance to our programs.

    Robert Jarrell...Warrior Guild

    Campcraft and wilderness skills.

    Hootie Hoot. I'm Robert Jarrell. Born and raised in the forests of Atlanta but currently hiding out on the Flint River in SW Ga. I have an undergraduate degree in Art Education from good ol'UGA and a masters degree in Sculpture from Tulane. I have taught both art and wilderness skills in many places stretching from Florida to Ontario with lots of stops in between. I worked with little kids and forest urchins at Keewaydin Camp in Temagami Ontario and Frog Hollow Camp/Haverty Hollow learning center in Atlanta Ga. I continue to teach at several Earthskill events such as Rivercane Rendezvous, Rabbit Stick and Firefly Gathering.

    If I could be a talking Loon my life would be complete. Wuh wuh wuh huh wooooooo...

    *Robert is an accomplished artist and Earthskills instructor. We are so honored to have him joining our crew this year!

    Jay Reddish...Artist Guild

    Forest exploration through creative arts with wildcrafted and recycled art materials.

    I was born in Atlanta, grew up in the suburbs, and when I was eleven I tried to read the entire non-fiction section of the public library. That’s where I discovered the plant guides and books on wild edibles and I’ve been hooked on the wild world ever since. I’m currently working on a degree in fine art and biology at Kennesaw State University so much of my time is spent in lecture halls in Kennesaw Georgia. But my true full time job is finding the balance between classroom learning and exploration of the wild places in my area. Much of that balance I’ve found through teaching. I have been teaching fiber arts for almost a decade (I started at seven), At quilting conventions, in craft rooms, and at Earthskills gatherings but my more recent teaching experience has been at The School of the Greenwood. This will be my second summer working in Athens and I couldn't be more excited to lead a band of Artists into the forest.....

    If I could be any magical creature...I would be a Dryad or a Troll or a Dryad-Troll hybrid of some sort, a protector of the forest and a causer of some moderate amounts of mischief.

    *Jay has grown up learning in the Earthskills community and in a home surrounded by crafts. She studied wildcrafting art materials through an intensive with Nick Neddo, author of the Organic Artist, and we are so excited for her to share her wealth of knowledge and bright spirit with this year's Questers.

    Kylie Filkins...Makers Guild

    Handcrafts and skills for living with the land.

    Hello, hello! I’m Kylie. I live on a little homestead in Madison County raising two kids where the days are filled with gardening, tending the chickens, reading, hiking, creek playing, and seeking adventure. Creativity is my most favorite outlet: sewing, painting, sculpting, whittling, building, and more! Throughout my college years, I worked in the Athens-Clarke County Extension office as a 4-H program assistant and as a summer camp counselor. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Forest Resources from Warnell at UGA, I worked as a 4-H Extension agent and as an environmental educator on Tybee Island. I’m excited to spend time working with youth again this summer, learning and teaching.

    If I could be any magical creature...I would be a shapeshifting forest elf full of mischief.

    *Kylie lives a life filled with whimsical handcraft and diy homesteading projects. We are so happy to have her sharing her most magical talents with us!

    Mar Turner...Camp Mom

    We would be lost without her.

    Hi I'm Mar, Delia's mother. I have just moved to the mountains of NC near the hamlet of Murphy and I spend my time volunteering and hiking. My degree is in Merchandising but my heart has always been with children. After I left the corporate world I became an art teacher for 4 year olds at my youngest child's pre-school. I spent the next ten years working at a private school in Marietta, working with K-5 students in many different roles. The next 10 years I worked at a friend's Medical Office. Next I purchased the land in Athens deciding it was time to enjoy the great outdoors full time. This will be my 18th year volunteering for Camp Sunshine. Camp Sunshine enriches the lives of Georgia's children with cancer, my roles have included: cabin counselor, photographer, and most currently I've been teaching watercolor during teen week at Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge. I currently volunteer as Bookkeeper for Greenwood and help out with all of the youth programs. It is so much fun and so fulfilling to experience the forest through your children's eyes.

    If I could be any magical creature...I would be a flying horse, of course!

    *Mar basically makes the Greenwood go-round. She takes care of the staff, the kids, the parents. She will be there at drop off and pick up with her clip board, making rounds with her camera and first aid pack throughout the day, running errands and helping with anything that needs to happen. She's the Wendy in our Neverland.

    Joel Cimarron...Rangers Guild

    Scout skills.

    Hey there, I'm Joel Cimarron. I grew up running wild in the mountains of Northern California, homeschooling and learning to live on the land from four generations of parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents who helped me become the person I am today. I have a degree in industrial design from the Art Institute of Seattle, completed coursework through the University of Washington, and have a background in Nature Connection through the Ozark Tracker Society. I taught in a K-8 public school for 9 years, where I started a creativity-based afterschool program that built bicycles and created and performed in a circus for the community, among other ventures. In the past I have also taught through the Seattle Children’s Theatre, the Earthskills Rendezvous youth, teen and adult classes, and Wild Intelligence. I have been living off the grid and rewilding for 20 years and some folks at National Geographic decided to document my life on a reality tv show a couple of years ago. I spend most of my days living like a common troll – hunting, crafting, reading, walking quietly through the forest... and fathering an incredible 9-year-old barbarian princess.

    If I could be any magical creature, I would be a troll...or an ewok.

    Delia Turner...Healers Guild

    Herbal medicine, plant ID, intuitive arts.

    Helloooo! I’m Delia, Co-Director of School of the Greenwood, and rewilder living a handmade forest life. My life’s work is revelling in the brilliance of the wilderness within and without, embodying skills for living in harmony with that wildness and sharing the incredible joy and creative empowerment that results with my community. I encourage children to think outside of the box, to actualize their unique gifts, and to feel confident in their ability to co-create their world. I support children in feeling at home in the forest, and in coming to know the non-human beings around them as friends. I have a business degree from Terry College at UGA and a background writing research papers for the New York Law School before I began working with children in 2012 through Our Arrow, Earthskills Rendezvous, Camp Twin Lakes, running youth, teen and adult programs through Wild Intelligence, and founding School of the Greenwood in 2016.

    My ultimate life goal is to become a forest hag, or haeg in old English - the wise woman who lives at the forest edge concocting herbal potions and sharing magical gifts with those curious and bold enough to journey into the wilderness.

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