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Teen Apprenticeship 

an immersion in earthskills, handcrafts, and outdoor education!

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The Greenwood Apprenticeship is one of the few places you might build a castle, weave a basket, stalk through the woods with a bow and foam arrows, play capture the flag in a tutu, and cook fondu over the fire…all in one day. This is not your average nature camp.  

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About the Apprenticeship:


Greenwood apprentices are imagineers, set and costume designers, improv actors, mentors and friends. They are a big part of the magic behind the scenes of the Greenwood and the creative community that inspires and teaches children in the programs. 

During the apprenticeship, teens play games and learn skills alongside the children - helping campers work on crafts and skills as well as acting as characters in the storylines to inspire and challenge them.  We welcome passionate and creative individuals who want to learn nature-based skills and crafts, gain experience in out door education, and have an adventure they'll never forget.

Teens age 13 to 18 may apply to join our program. Our apprenticeship program is free.

Summer 2024 Dates

With Ages 8-12

Wildwood Quest Session 1 (Story 1)
June 3-7, 2024

Wildwood Quest Session 2 (Story 2)
June 10-14, 2024

Wildwood Quest Session 3 (Story 1)
June 24-28, 2024

Wildwood Quest Session 4 (Story 2)
July 1-5, 2024

With Ages 5-7
July 8-12, 2024


Camps run from 9am to 3pm. Staff and apprentices

meet before camp at 8:30 and after camp until 3:45.


Our apprenticeship program is free.

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