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The Wildernest

creative rewilding portal


A grand adventure exploring the

wild at home! 

What parents are saying:

"My kids love it all so much! I’m honestly in awe of your creativity and how you weave such wonderful skills into a magical narrative. The teacher and mother in me are so genuinely impressed!" 

- Buffy Wennersten

"Your guidance is really making a difference in how observant my son is becoming. I love the kinds of questions he asks these days as we are out and about. Thank you for this precious gift of nature connection that you are facilitating for us from afar!"

- Summer Howe

"I work with higher ed faculty to create effective virtual classrooms. Your lessons have been so well-thought out, meaningful, bringing in the participants' prior knowledge and building curiosity. I'm highly impressed. I wish more of our faculty thought about classes from the student perspective as you have modeled. 

We have really enjoyed having the wilderness portal as a guide to navigate our local environment. While we would always be exploring locally, the questions you've provided lead us to go deeper."

- Lisa Lacross

By Jay Reddish

Our Wildernest Portal is a storied exploration of the natural world! Through 30 educational videos and activities, our portal inspires your child to look closer at their world and to set out on an epic adventure around their home! Join Sir Malcolm and Jane as they embark on a hilarious journey in the Greenwood forest, meeting fanciful forest guardians and wild creatures big and small.

In the Portal, your child will learn skills such as mapping, how to safely identify wild food, and bird language. Your child will learn about the lives of trees, plants, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, spiders and insects! They will peak into animal dens, watch mother birds on their nests, and watch flowers open in the morning sun!

This Portal offers a special opportunity to dive into the mysteries of the natural world where it matters most - at home! Every part of Wildernest is as enjoyable and educational for adults as it is for children, and it will be a spectacular journey to take together! All ages are welcome to join us - young children will need to be accompanied on explorative adventures.  

Join us! 

All ages - from young children to adults! 

Unlimited access to our Wildernest Portal costs $25. 


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