Wildwood Quest

journey into the heart of the wild


The Wildwood is a place well known for its tall trees, sparkling springs, lazy creek, raucous music, delightful stories, and bountiful opportunities for adventure. Inhabited by foxes, beavers, rabbits, skunks, crows, owls, frogs, and wrens, the Wildwood is a wondrous land.


Now of course most forests are full of animals, so what makes this one so special? If you've been here before, you'll know exactly why, and if you haven't, then listen close. You see, here in the Wildwood things are different. Rabbits sometimes speak in a language you understand. Otters may run an afternoon ferry to help folks cross the lazy creek, wrens might put on award winning opera performances, skunks could try to barter their wares, and  if you're lucky, a fox might invite you to their home in a hollow tree for afternoon tea. If this sounds like your kind of place, then the Wildwood is waiting for you!


This summer, Questers are invited to join an adventure in the forest unlike any that has come before. There will be epic handcrafts, survival skills, scout tricks, plant lore, and bardic theater, to be sure. There will be games and laughter, memories shared with friends to last a lifetime. However, Questers will adventure in a realm inhabited by wild creatures great and small, exploring their wondrous world with its hidden nooks, crannies, and mysteries. Questers will join in the role-play adventure as characters of their own choosing as a tale unfolds that they co-create with their fellow adventurers.  


Wildwood Quest Session 1:

Chapter 1

May 30 - June 3, 2022

Please note that this session begins on Memorial Day.

If your child needs to miss the first day, we will catch them up on Tuesday!

Wildwood Quest Session 2:

Chapter 2

June 6 -10, 2022

Wildwood Quest Session 3:

Chapter 1

June 13 - 17, 2022

Wildwood Quest Session 4:

Chapter 2

June 20 - 24, 2022

** Campers may attend more than one camp week, but only one "Chapter 1" or "Chapter 2" week,

in order to not repeat the similar storyline and activities.

Campers do not need to attend Chapter 1 to participate in Chapter 2.


For adventurous children age 8 to 13 

*13 year olds who are not ready to apprentice may also participate in camp. They will participate fully in camp activities and have the opportunity to also join as characters in the storyline as an apprentice-in-training.



Wildwood Quest is a live action role play, guild-based journey within which participants deepen their relationship with the natural world, learn skills for living in harmony with the landscape, stretch their imaginations, hone their own unique personal gifts, and star in a whimsical tale. The story of the Wildwood will take shape each day as extraordinary characters present themselves, offering challenges, teachings, and twists to the unfolding journey.  

Questers are sorted into guilds, based on their answers to a personality quiz, within which they will spend the first part of each day learning skills and crafts. Guild focuses include: Scouting (stealth, archery and tracking), Healing (wild plants for food and medicine), Survival Skills (fishing, wild food gathering, fire tending), Bardic Arts (music, storytelling and trickery), and Making (art and handcraft with natural materials).  The second part of each day will be spent in small bands with members of the different guilds, completing challenges and meeting characters within the fantastical tale.

Health Protocol:

For summer 2022, we will be following CDC guidelines to maintain a safe summer camp environment, including wearing masks, if still necessary. Please read our Health and Safety Protocol before registering your child. 


$250-325 sliding scale per session.

$50 non-refundable payment towards the program total due at registration.

Payment due in full by April 1st.  


Will open here on Wednesday January 12 at 8am!

Camps are now full.

Email us at schoolofthegreenwood@gmail.com to join our wait list,

as we may open additional spaces.!


"What story will your life make?"

Gourd and deerskin bags!!! #makersgonnam
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Muddy Artist!! 🎨
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A Ranger snuck into the Healer camp toda
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The Wild Queen
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Deary and Foxy. ✨ These two women and the man behind the camera have brought so much support and mag
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We are...the stories we tell
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