Adult Rewilding


We offer immersive rewilding weekends in both Athens, GA and Murphy, NC for adults. Our rewilding immersions  support deep relationship with the wilderness within and without through exploration of earthskills and handcraft, creativity-opening activities, play, and connection with the landscape.

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Giant crazy kudzu laundry pack basket!!

Spring Wild Crafting Immersion

 Basket Weaving for Rule Breakers and Norse Woodcarving


Group 1: Kudzu pack baskets, wool strap weaving, natural dyes, and wild foods

Group 2: Norse spoon and kuksa carving, chip carving techniques for decorative handles,

tree identification and properties for woodworking

All: Primitive fire building and tending, cast iron cooking over the campfire,

primitive archery, storytelling and song



A kuksa is a wooden cup or bowl originally carved by the Sami people in northern Scandinavia. Kuksas are a durable, lightweight food/drink vessel, great for camping and backpacking.


April 5 to 7, and May 3 to 5, 2019

Friday 6 pm to Sunday 4 pm


 Athens, GA


A weekend of creative exploration, handcraft and rewilding skills. Participants will focus on either kudzu basketry or Scandinavian woodcarving during the day and will spend mornings and evenings all together as a group preparing meals, playing games and practicing rewilding skills.


Sliding scale of $300-400 total for both weekends

*$75 deposit required to reserve a space!

Camping and Meals:

Overnight camping included

(camping is optional if this is difficult for you)

Community potluck meals 

(Meal staples will be provided, participants will bring food to share and contribute to meals.)


Joel Cimarron will facilitate kuksa carving, Corby Ferus will lead Scandinavian spoon carving, Delia Turner will lead kudzu basketry, and Nancy Basket will join us to facilitate fireside storytelling. Other guest instructors will also be joining throughout the immersion.

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This class is now full. 

Women of the Wood
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What a crew
Aiming true
Tillering the bow
Notice anything funny about their hands_
There's just something about working wit
Community frame softening ❤️
Giving away stuff never felt so good! 😆
Decorating our drums with handmade natur
Clay oil lamps..
; Scottish Gaelic for _purse_), a traditional part of male Scottish Highland dress, is a pouch that
Flattening rehydrated tulip poplar bark to craft a basket #rewild #athensga #my_athens #schooloftheg