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Fall and Winter


storied role-play, nature connection, earthskills and handcraft

for ages 5-12


Our Seasonal Camps are an immersion in a  fantasy tale, through which children learn earthskills such as fire-starting, archery, shelter-building, wild food harvesting, herbal medicine making, handcrafts including basketry, clothes and shoe sewing, and woodcarving, all while exploring the forest ecology and learning to feel at home in the

wild world.

Fall Scout Camp

Join us as we dive into the world of story, unraveling mysteries, tracking mischief-makers, making our own camouflage, and tuning into the rhythms of the fall forest. This is the next chapter in the storyline begun in our summer camps (although new campers will be caught up just fine). This 3-day adventure will be an action-packed romp, filled with laughter, surprises, and epic adventure.

 Winter Craft Camp

Winter is a joyous time in the Greenwood, filled with feasting, storytelling by the fire, sharing gifts, and making handcrafts together. While the forest sleeps, we get busy making gorgeous crafts together - creating puppets, lanterns, sewing backpacks, hats, and shoes, carving chairs and stools, weaving baskets, and dyeing wool with plants. This is the grand finale to our storyline for the year, in which the many threads of our tale draw together, and characters we've met gather close for a joyous winter celebration.

Winter Craft Camp Session 1
   December 19-21, 2022
   Monday to Wednesday
   9am to 3pm

Winter Craft Camp  Session 2
   December 29-31 2022
   Thursday to Saturday
   9am to 3pm


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