Wildlings Summer Camp

A creative forest exploration.


story-based exploration of the forest

Wildlings is a wonder-filled adventure in which campers explore the mysteries of the wild world, guided by imagination and curiosity.  Campers are immersed in an interactive storyline, in which they meet extraordinary characters who bring the mysteries of the forest to life, learn earthskills, play games, create nature-based crafts, and come to know themselves as a part of the wider story of their ecosystem. 

Each day holds a mix of games, sensory nature connection activities, handcrafts, ancestral skills, storied adventure and explorative play!

For summer 2021, we will be following CDC guidelines to maintain a safe summer camp environment, including wearing masks if they are still necessary. Please read our Health and Safety Protocol before registering your child. 


Is now closed. Email us to join the wait list!

The Wildlings have been long asleep in their earthen dens, so cozily nestled with their mossy blankets and wildflower stuffed pillows, that a whole year had passed by without so much as a smidge of adventure. Spring turned to summer turned to fall, turned to winter and spring again, but still the Wildlings dreamed. During this blissful slumber, new creatures began to arrive in the Greenwood. What were they doing here? Where were they from? No one knew, but one thing was certain. They were the noisy, rowdy kind of forest guests. And so at long last the Wildlings stirred and came back to their senses, awoken by a most terrible ruckus. Wiping the sleep from their eyes, the Wildlings dusted off their old scout cloaks, donned their best camouflage and readied themselves for another adventure in the Greenwood... 


Wildlings Session 1: June 7-11, 2021

Wildlings Session 2: June 21-25, 2021

9AM to 2PM

*with optional extended day from 2pm-3pm



For children age 5 to 7


$225-300 sliding scale

Extended day is $5/hour or $25 for the week

$50 non-refundable deposit payment towards total required for registration

Faeries with their harvest baskets! ✨🌸✨
These kids...are total magic._._._.jpg
The Challengers!!!_._._.__hhastie35 _ang
Panpipers!!! 🌿🎼_._._._By _marturner3 _
The Fox Clan..jpg
Registration is now open for fall and wi
Childhood in the forest. ❤️_._._
Sun prints on cotton..
Summertime in the Greenwood!
THIS is what summer is all about!! ❤️❤️❤
Sun print! 🌞
Following a map through the wood to find
Today the Wildlings visited with the Son
Little River Rascals_._._
The kids went on a micro-safari today wi
Harvesting Autumn Olives after the rain.
Clay hands..._._._
And so begins another week of adventure!
The Wildlings are back in the forest!!!!
_I am hearing all the secret whisperings of the world!__~ the BFG
A kid...and his worm
We are all born wild... and will continue to be if allowed to grown unfettered, whole and free
A girl...and her raft
Our apprentices are incredible
A most precious Wildling