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I also have a love of woodcarving, creating everyday items that are

embued with the wonder of the living world.


Delia Fian

Basketweaver and Teacher

My Work

I weave the fibers of place and creative possibility. Working primarily with foraged and invasive materials, I craft vessels with both traditional and innovative techniques. Through sharing my process and teaching folks of all ages, I hope to inspire, in-skill, and empower others to deepen their relationship to the land and their own creative journey.


I harvest from heavily impacted areas such as roadsides, power line cuts, parking lots, and pipelines. By taking invasive plants from these overlooked places, and transforming them into useful items of beauty, I weave baskets which benefit the health of the local ecosystem. In doing so, I weave hope for the future in a changing world, for the possibilities with us, and gifts that lay hidden in forgotten spaces.

Foraged Basketry

Students' Work


Student Work

My Work
Foraged Baskets
Student Work
Other Work

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