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What Do You Think?

Chapter V Birds Part IV

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What's Happening?

Watch this video a couple of times, listening closely to the sound the birds are making and what they are doing. Write a short story in your journal about what you think is happening in the video! 

Watch the next video and do the same thing! (Hint: Male Cardinals are bright red and females are more tan brown).


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A Few Questions:

Video 1:

1. Who is chasing who? 

2. Why do you think they would be chasing them? Hint: it's nesting season!

3. Does the hawk seem upset or relaxed about the whole thing? Why do you think that is?

Video 2:

1. How many male cardinals did you see?

2. Where did the female cardinal go when the second male flew in? (Look close and pause the video if you need to!

3. How do you think the male cardinal at the end of the video was feeling?

Great job! You are learning so much! Do you think the language of the birds is starting to open up to you?


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