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A New Language

Chapter V Birds Part III

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Are You Ready?

Take some time to listen closely to the birds in your yard and imagine what you think they might be saying.


Do you hear more than one talking to each other? Does it sound like companions chirping back and forth to keep track of each other? Does it sound like they are announcing their territory or attracting a mate? Do they sound joyful, worried, defensive? Can you hear baby birds? What does it sound like they are saying? If it's really quiet, they might be hiding from a predator, like a house cat, hawk, or even from you! 


Listen closely while letting your imagination connect you to the experience of these feathered friends!


Take notes in your journal! If you listen long enough, you may be able to put together the story of what is happening outside your door!

If you want to have a really exciting time listening, wake up early just as the sky is growing light and listen to the dawn chorus just like Sir Malcolm! Birds are very very active at this time and all of their excitement and energy is contagious!

Have fun!


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