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Wildlings Spring Camp

As the forest warms up from its long Winter slumber and begins its colorful dance towards Spring, magical early Spring beings will be weaving their brilliance throughout the Greenwood. Wildlings will have the chance to meet flower faeries, wee beasties, and other wild creatures as they play, craft, and explore the wonders of the spring forest! An adventure of exuberance, magic and mystery awaits...

When: Monday March 11 to Thursday March 14, 2019

9AM to 2PM

Who: Children age 5 to 7 (mature 4 year olds also welcome)

Registration opens on July 30th, 2018

Two Hawk people sneaking up on a.jpg.jpg.jpgTroll
Tree friend 🌿🌿_#winterwildlings
Princesses in the pirate ship! 🦄🌸💫
___#childhoodunleashed #rewildchildhood #wildlings #monarchbutterfly #schoolofthegreenwood
Our apprentices are incredible
The beautiful little Trash Troll's on stage debut..
A theatre of Hissy Fits!
Winter smiles
A kid...and his worm
The Wildlings are back in the forest!!!!
Felewin _Faerie of Frost_ and Fjorn _of Fire_ with their special gifts for the Wildlings ❄️🔥✨
First sight of the Trollz..
Nooobody there!!_#winterwildlings
Never grow up!_#winterwildlings
Winter camp is heeeeeere!!!!! ❄️❄️❄️
Deary the lovely Deer Spirit 🌿_•• by _dargusk
Once there lived a wee little beastie in a wee little house.jpg.jpg
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