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Wild Pesto

Chapter IV Part III

Parents, we encourage you to complete this chapter with your children, to ensure safe identification of wild plants and enjoy the wonders of discovery together.

How to Make Wild Pesto!


A Forest Treat!

This is our favorite way to make pesto. It's packed with nutrients, super easy to make, and incredibly delicious! We hope you enjoyed the video and can make some of your own pesto with plants growing near you! 


  • Edible wild greens - we use mostly chickweed and some cleavers too. 

  • Wild onion/garlic - just the green tops will do. The bulbs are fine too, but they can't grow back if you pull them! 

  • Pine candles - these add a really delicious pizzaz to the pesto, but aren’t necessary if you don’t have any. Pine candles are the spring growth on the pine trees - baby branches that are still tender and will harden and grow throughout the year.

  • Oil - olive oil to taste, other oils will do.

  • Nuts - walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, or whatever you have on hand! If you have a nut allergy, you can leave this part out.

  • Salt - just a pinch.


  • Add ingredients to blender and blend them until an even consistency is reached.

  • Taste.

  • Add more salt or oil if needed. 

  • Enjoy spread on bread or pasta! Store leftovers in the fridge for later!

Have fun! We hope you enjoy wild food as much as we do!

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