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Chapter I - Mapping

Part III - Wild Awareness

Taking a few moments to breathe deeply can help us open our awareness. 

When we are tuned in to our bodies, the earth beneath us, and the flow of life all around, we can experience our world fully. This is a state of wild awareness, closer to the way other animals exist. When we are calm and connected, we not only notice much more, but the animals around us are less likely to be afraid of us and run away.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in.

Let it out slowly.

Keep breathing deeply and releasing slowly.


Feel the earth underneath you, supporting your body. 

Feel yourself grounded.

Now open your sense of hearing.

Take in all of the sounds around you. 

What is the farthest sound you can hear?

What is the closest sound?

Feel yourself as a living breathing part of the earth. 

Stay here, just breathing, feeling and listening for a while.

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes. 

Let's try it!

How did it go?

Write down in your journal how you feel after doing the Ancient Rock Awareness Technique?

Ready for adventure!

Now that you have opened your senses wide, it's time for more exploring and mapping. This time, notice things that you missed before and fill them in on your map. Also take extra care to observe the things you saw before more deeply, as if for the first time. Have fun!

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