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2024 Medical Release
Thank you for registering for our 2023 camps! Please fill out one medical form per child participating. You can make changes and resubmit this form at a later date if needed.
Medical Insurance and Physician
Medical History
Medical Release

Our policy is to administer Children's Benadryl internally if a child is stung by an insect such as a yellow jacket and has never been stung before or if there is a known potential allergy. If a child is very distressed and in pain from the sting, but has not had an allergic reaction from past stings, we will apply the liquid Benadryl to the sting topically. If a child is in severe pain (for example from a migraine) we will call parents before administering Children's Ibuprofen. Please write "yes" below if you consent to this policy. If you have other wishes for your child's care, please explain below. Thank you!

By signing below, I acknowledge that the information I have provided on this form is accurate and up to date. I will be responsible for resubmitting this form, if changes occur, to ensure that Greenwood staff have accurate and up-to-date medical information regarding the participant. 

Your form has been submitted. Thank you!

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