Wildwood Guardians

Seasonal Camps 

storied role-play, nature connection, earthskills and handcraft

Four weeks of adventure, laughter, and l
We are now accepting applications for ou
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Spring LARP Camp Out

an action-packed journey in a realm of fantasy and adventure!


We will herald spring's arrival with a live-action role play journey into the verdant realm. In this annual adventure to awaken the forest for spring, the Wildwood Guardians will meet mysterious woodland beings, ally with fellow adventurers, deepen their relationship with the forest and face surprise challenges in an infolding storyline. The Guardians will celebrate the close to this great adventure with an evening feast, camp out and fireside games. 

We invite your child to join us in this grand celebration of spring's arrival and make memories they'll never forget!


March 14-15, 2020

10am Saturday to 11am Sunday



$50 payment towards total to reserve a space. Payment due in full by March 1st.

*Registration for spring camp opens on January 28th 2020 at 8am!