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Wildwood Guardians

An eight-month journey deep into the Wilderness...

Listening to the plants
❤️_~ by _dargusk
Learning to juggle
A test of agility..
Blindfold string walk..
From within..
Bark-tanned deerskin arm cuffs.jpg.jpg
The Green Seer...shapeshifter
Mimosa, Hawthorne, Cinquefoil, Rose, Honey Heart Potion
The smiles
Scravengers ejected from the Borg Machine!!
Nothing like a forest full of children...steeped in imaginative adventure
Can we begin to imagine a truly ecologically sustainable world for our children's children_ Or the t
The Village Bard..
Home of the _Hissy Fit Theatre_!
A little mimosa flower magic..
Mama Wolf Spider with her egg sac...held by the Green Seer
The Bridge Troll's beautiful..
Yep. A wood elf and a mage
Ranger.jpg Storyteller.jpg Wizard
A Scravenger..
Rockin the ninja training course!_~ by _dargusk
A most...peculiar visitor
Warrior.jpg Clan of Hawk
Love Warrior
Buckskin medicine bags..
Scout web..
Carving class in the Greenwood ❤️_~ by _dargusk___#robinhood #natureconnection #rewild #childhood #c
An afternoon with the River Pirates!! ❤️
Ella's poplar bark backpack..
We gathered medicinal plants for a very special being today..
Behold! Will playing his handmade Bamboozle.jpg.jpg.jpgClan of Crow
Little Miss Bobby Junior.jpg.jpg

With the Borg Machine dismantled and many of the Big Man's minions set free, the Wildwood has experienced some peace, harmony and reprieve, thanks to this summer's bold Questers. But not for long... 


Shadowy forces are building amidst the summer heat as the Big Man launches his next maniacal plan to overtake the Wildwood Forest. The Feral Folk have called a council with the Elders and they are now inviting the Wildwood Questers to return for an epic yearlong adventure. The Questers have only begun to learn the ways of the forest in this summer's camps, and will have the opportunity to continue deepening their skills in this yearlong journey. 

Wildwood Guardians will hone skills in archery, stealth, agility, plant medicine, tracking and handcraft as they face down Borgs and interact with the many mystical beings who support and challenge them in their journey to live in harmony with the forest. The adventure will take place one Saturday per month from September through March and culminate with a final all day LARP and overnight campout in April.

The journey of the Guardians will continue on between weekends, with an invitation to special challenges and stories to continue the adventure at home.

 The Council of Feral Folk want you to know that this journey is not for the faint of heart. To become a Wildwood Guardian you must be ready to face your fears, learn new skills and crafts, and embark on an epic adventure unlike any that has come before in the Greenwood.

Get READY!!!


9/16, 10/7, 11/4, 12/2, 1/6, 2/3, 3/3, 4/7-8


Saturdays Sept to March: 

10AM-4 PM

April Weekend:

10AM Saturday 4/7 to 10AM Sunday 4/8

Closing ceremony with families Sunday from 10AM-11AM.


Families of participants in our yearlong immersions are welcome to join us for a potluck meal,

storytelling and music by the fire one evening per month throughout the year!  These will usually take place on Sundays, on the same weekends as the Wildwood Guardians immersions.

Guild Leaders:

Joel Cimarron, Delia Ann Turner, and the incredible Jennifer DeMoss will guide the Wildwood Guardians with support from apprentices in our yearlong teen apprenticeship immersion.


$500-$700 sliding scale.

$100 deposit to secure a space.

You may choose the total amount you would like to offer School of the Greenwood to help us provide quality supplies, craft materials and truly unique learning experiences for your child and the community!


We have put together this immersion to give those children in our summer camps the opportunity to deepen the learning experience and continue journeying through the storyline throughout the school year. 

Registration will open on Wednesday July 12th for returning summer camp participants! Space is limited and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. 

 We look forward to the journey that awaits!

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