Seasonal Camps 

creative exploration of the natural world,

storied role-play, earthskills and handcraft

for ages 5 to 7


We offer a Fall, Winter and Spring Wildlings Camp to celebrate the natural cycles and experience the magic of the forest throughout the changing seasons. Our Wildlings camps are a creative exploration of the wild world in which children are immersed in a fantastical storyline that feeds their imagination and sense of wonder. Magical characters - such as Owl Spirits, Knights, Green Seers, Song Weavers, Trolls and Faeries - visit with the Wildlings, bringing gifts, teachings and challenges to deepen their relationship with the natural world.

Wildlings is a fairy tale journey into the heart of the forest, where children grow their creative problem-solving capacities, experience freedom of self-expression, come to know the natural world, and learn handcrafts and primitive skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

Wildlings Spring Camp

celebrating the natural cycle and spring's arrival in an exuberant forest journey

March 9-11, 2020



Registration opens here on January 28th at 8am!

Faeries with their harvest baskets! ✨🌸✨