Wildlings Winter Camp

Amidst the holiday feasting and celebrations, the Greenwood forest will come alive with a joyous cast of winter characters. Frost faeries, trolls, fire spirits, and furry beasties will dance amidst the winter winds, eager to meet the children who venture out! The Wildlings, bundled up tight in their winter coats, will romp and play, exploring the magic and mystery of the winter forest, crafting, listening to stories and drinking warm tea by the campfire. 

When: Saturday January 19 to Sunday January 20th, 2019

Who: Children ages 5 to 7

Everyone who registers will receive a special mailed invitation that can be gifted to their child over the holiday!

Registration opens on July 30th, 2018.

Piles of backpacks make the best hiding spots!
The beautiful little Trash Troll's on stage debut..
_He will never find us in heeeere!_
Sister Spirits ~ Fastanna of Fire and Eostan of the Evergreens
The beautiful Faerie of Frost ❄️❄️❄️_~ by the lucky troll _dargusk
Tim the Troll is here!!!
Frog Prince
Wild Lily
_I am hearing all the secret whisperings of the world!__~ the BFG
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Archery lesson with the elven ranger 💘___#larp #rewild #childhoodunplugged  #athenswildlings #schoo
We are all born wild... and will continue to be if allowed to grown unfettered, whole and free
A theatre of Hissy Fits!
Can you spy the sneaky little fox_____#wildchild #camouflage #grayfox #rewildingchildhood #wildlings