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an immersion in the language of the forest

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"My son has learned so much in a short time. His confidence is growing each week! I love that he is outside (and happily so) and learning about the local environment. I love the relationships he is fostering and the knowledge he is gaining without the 'academicy' feel."


- Wildernest Homeschool Parent, Fall 2019

Imagine a childhood rooted into place - where children grow up knowing the names of the plants growing outside their door and the many ways they can be used for food, medicine, and handcraft; where children know by heart the calls of the animals in their yard, the ancient tales of land formation told by rocks in the stream. Imagine children growing up knowing themselves as part of the larger story of the land they call home - a story of interdependence, connection, and

boundless wonder. 


The Wildernest Homeschool Program is a journey into the heart of the forest, where children learn to read the patterns of the woodland ecosystem - the language of birds, tracks of animals, paths of water and nutrients in the soil, relationships of plants and the succession of trees.  The children join in the conversation through practicing earthskills and handcrafts - learning to meet their needs in harmony with the forest.

 Wildernest is designed to be a companion to the child’s homeschool curriculum - offering a day camp each week with naturalist education, sensory exploration, creative problem solving, making with their hands, and embodied play in a supportive group of multi-age peers. Wildernest is a journey for the inquisitive, creative child ready to be immersed in the mystery of the wild world. 


Wildernest Homeschool Program

naturalist studies, wilderness skills, and creative handcraft


Ages: 5 to 12

*Spaces for teen apprentices available


Tuesdays 9am-2pm

Spring Semester -  January 19 - April 27

(Off for  spring break April 6) 

Health Protocol

We will be implementing Social Distancing Protocol and following CDC guidelines for a low-risk camp environment.

Please read over our Health and Safety Protocol before registering.


 $560-700 sliding scale for winter/spring semester 

We ask for a $75 non-refundable payment towards the program total upon registration to reserve your child's place.

Payment may be paid in full or in 3 recurring installments. 

**We price all of our programs on a sliding scale. What you choose to pay helps us purchase high quality materials and supports our staff in extensive planning and preparation. Families who are unable to pay our asking price may select a lower price option so that their child will still be able to join us.    


Registration is now full.

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