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for creative wilderness skills

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Grinding acorns for nut bread! ❤️ #wilde

"My child has loved her time in Wildernest and is always so happy to go to this activity. It is so nice to have finally found something that she truly enjoys. I love that she has an opportunity for free play in the wilderness with other children. This was such an important part of my childhood and I feel that it was something that was missing for her."

- Wildernest Afterschool Parent, Fall 2019

I am so grateful for this after school program. It's the highlight of my daughter's week. Every time I pick her up she excitedly tells me all about what she did that day. I never get this kind of feedback about school or other extracurriculars. I love how much she loves it. I love that she gets to spend time outside being active. I love that she learns about nature and is more comfortable in nature because of her time with School of the Greenwood. I love that some of the activities involve working as a team.

- Wildernest Afterschool Parent, Fall 2019

Remember when children used to play outside all afternoon long, not returning indoors until supper? Remember when there was no limit to the places their imaginations would carry them - sticks turned to river rafts, rocks to trolls - when the whole world was an opportunity to explore and create? 


We at Greenwood believe that childhood needs regular explorative, creative outdoor learning and play, with the support of skilled, caring instructors, in order to meet the needs of the growing human being in their journey into adulthood.  This time outside fosters embodied aliveness, joy, social intelligence, creative problem-solving, sensory awareness, and allows for the integration and deeper understanding of subjects being learned in school. 


And so we have created the Wildernest - a haven where children are free to be themselves and supported in their learning journey.


The Wildernest afterschool program is an immersion in wilderness and handcraft skills. Each day children are free to choose from several different activities such as handcrafts (sewing, needle felting, carving), earth skills ( archery, fire tending, shelter building, etc.), and naturalist exploration. This is their space to enjoy, relax, learn and play. 

Wildernest Afterschool Club


Ages: 5 to 12

*Spaces for teen apprentices available


Day Camp, Tuesdays 3:15-6:15

*We may open an additional program day on Wednesdays.

Please email us if you are interested. 

Drop off 3:10-3:30, pick up 5:55-6:15

Spring Semester -  January 19 - April 27

(Off for  spring break April 6) 

Health Protocol

We will be implementing Social Distancing Protocol and following CDC guidelines for a low-risk camp environment. Please read over our Health and Safety Protocol before registering.


 $210-350 sliding scale ($5-8 per hr) 

We ask for a $75 non-refundable payment towards the program total upon registration to save your child's space in the program.

Payment may be paid in full or in recurring monthly installments due on

January 1st, February 1st, March 1st and April 1st. 


Registration is now closed.  

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