Wild Muse

a creative journey of communion with the wild without and within...

This weekend...we made stargazer chairs. On left_ Cedar chair by Buffy. On right_ Magnolia chair by
Decorating our drums with handmade natural pigments
Clay oil lamps..
Rawhide frame drum _deerskin and birch_ and beater _buckskin padded with alpaca wool and privet hand
Absolutely stunning felted pouch dyed with turmeric and finished with buckskin and antler..
Women of the Wood
Using a brace and bit to drill out the mortise. This one is a family heirloom that belonged to Joel'
She flies..
This is what happens after a day spent in front of the wood stove with a stack of wizard books and a
Instinctive archery..
Earth pigments!
You never know what you might find when you stop for a moment and loose your mind..
California Sage and Georgia Juniper..
Joel's wood-fired clay goblin lamp works!! #breathingfire
The Greenwood Faerie Troupe!_~ by _dargusk
_Everything on Earth is wildness. If it lives and dies, it is part of the wildness that is life

Wild Muse is a guided exploration in handcraft and connection to the wild world which takes place in Athens, GA. 

Wild Muse will be returning in the spring of 2019 with classes that can be registered for individually or as a full series.