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Community Events

Crafter's Corner!


Every now and then you can find us at the Globe listening to Irish music and working on handcrafts on Sundays from 4 to 7! Send us an email to find out the next time Crafter's Corner will be happening! 

Year-End Celebration!


We will be celebrating the end of our yearlong camps and programs with an improv theater production of the Norwegian folktale, Tatterhood! The event will take place Sunday May 6th from 4:00-7:30! At 4:00, participants in our adult programs will be teaching some of the skills they have learned throughout the year! We will eat at 5:00 and after supper will enjoy the play and a bardic circle - an open floor for music, stories, jokes and poems!

Upcoming Events:

Potluck Info:


We ask guests to bring a large potluck meal to share as well as their own dishes and utensils for eating with. Email for address and directions!


*Our community events are offered for free to celebrate the connections between all of those involved with and supporting the school. These gatherings are open to all of those who care about our vision, have participated in Greenwood programs or who are interested in learning more about our school!

**At Greenwood community events, we ask that parents be responsible for their children and that all guests behave in ways that are respectful of the land and others present. If we feel that there is potential for emotional or physical harm to any present we reserve the right to ask individuals to leave to preserve the safety of our space. Thank you for understanding and respecting this policy so that we may continue to offer these special events. 

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