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Camp Information

Dates Ages 8-12:

Wildwood Quest Session 1 (Story 1)
ne 3-7, 2024

Wildwood Quest Session 2 (Story 2)
June 10-14, 2024

Wildwood Quest Session 3 (Story 1)
June 24-28, 2024

Wildwood Quest Session 4 (Story 2)
July 1-5, 2024

Dates Ages 5-7:

July 8-12, 2024


Campers can register for more than one session, but not for repeat stories (just one Story 1 week and one Story 2 week).


    $275-350 per camp

    $50 deposit payment per session (per child, per session) 

    required to register

    Payment due in full April 1

Parent Contact
with whom camp registration and schedule information will be shared
Camper 1 (Who is this deposit for?)
Which sesson(s) is this child registered for?
Camper 2 (Are you making a deposit for more than one child?)
Which sesson(s) is this child registered for?
Deposit Payment
To confirm registration, please make a deposit of at least $50, per child, per session. You can pay more than this, and it will be subtracted from your remaining balance.

For example, if you are registering two children for two sessions, your deposit will be $200.

Thanks for submitting!

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